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Memories from around the world

1999, California

1998, New York City

1997, Copenhagen and Faroe Islands

1996, Norway

1995, Scotland

All photos taken with PENTAX equipment, Marco Raugei

Learning Exposure (My personal explanation of exposure theory)

The Ultimate Nature Photographer's Exposure Computer (An extraordinary page on exposure theory by Fred Parker)

My favourite PENTAX links:

Boz Dimitrov's Pentax K-Mount Equipment Page (probably the best of the lot)
Pentax Users Gallery (a new gallery every month, with an archive of past galleries) (not a real Pentax site, but still a HUGE and very interesting site)
Pentax Discussion Group Archive (always something to learn here)
Pentax K-Mount Lenses (a collection of users' impressions of pentax lenses)
BOA's Pentax Equipment Review (prime lenses comments)

My current gear:

Camera body: Pentax MZ-5N + Fg Battery Pack

Lenses: Pentax SMC A 24mm f/2.8, SMC A 50mm f/1.4, SMC FA 100mm f/2.8 Macro, SMC K 300mm f/4

Flashgun: Pentax AF 280 T + AFW-1 Wide-angle diffuser

Filters: B+W KR 1.5 (1A skylight), KR 3 (81C warm), 090 (25 red) and Circular Polariser, Cokin P 120 and 121 (grey grads)

Tripod: Manfrotto 055C + 029 mk2 head + 030ARCH-14 quick-release plate

Camera bag: Tamrac 608

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This Pentax Users Ring site is owned by Marco Raugei.
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